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General Manager + Business Development

Sydney Nicholson

Sydney has spent most of her career in the Hospitality Industry as Director of Sales and Marketing for some of the best hotels in Downtown and Metro-Detroit.  With a background in building new hotels, training leaders to facilitate the day-to-day operations, she joined DripIV Therapy and Hydration as we are on the precipice of expanding our brand into new territories and states.  With a passion for customer service, Sydney takes great pride in growing what we started in Birmingham and expanding DripIV to bring wellness to new communities and people.

Playing an active role in the daily operation at DripIV was a tremendous education.  You think you know what vitamins do, but I never knew the true benefit until I tried an IV for the first time.  Listening to our nurses talking to our clients has really broadened her knowledge of the true benefit of IV Therapy beyond what she would have ever imagined.  She has the pleasure of meeting the clientele daily and learning from them the reason why they come here.  Everyone has a different reason for coming in, but the end result is always improved wellness.  It is an incredible thing to be a part of, knowing you are helping someone achieve what they can’t find anywhere else.  She has always been interested in holistic and natural path treatments as a way of life versus a treatment. Discovering the root cause of a health issue and a practical, natural remedy has always been of interest to her.  Learning and understanding the properties of each vitamin that goes into the IV therapies has been a world of discovery when feeling the benefit has such a profound effect.


Sydney enjoys spending time with her two teenage daughters and English Mastiff, Hank. A native of Michigan, she spends her free time traveling to Indianapolis, her second home, where her fiancé resides. She enjoys going downtown to some of the greatest restaurants in the Midwest or attending sporting events but would trade it all for live music, a beach, and great wine. On Saturday mornings you can always spot her at the Eastern Market or tending to her own garden and flowers.